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İbrahim Burak KAN
Inspired by our living traditions, we create projects looking out for the future.
İbrahim Burak KANManager


With care and passion


Creating turnkey projects of hotels, motels, holiday villages, factories, housing, business centers and offices.


We do restoration and renovation works of high quality in cooperation with our professional partners.


Burak Kan Constructions provides contracting services in collective housing infrastructure and superstructure construction.

Our Projects



Company Profile


BURAK KAN was established in Alanya in the beginning of 2016 with the purpose to offer its clients new opportunities through innovative, competitive, high quality and always profitable projects with adherence to its principles. The company carries on business in public and private sectors at turnkey construction, restoration-renovation, tenders and contract works.

We realize that earning clients’ trust and respect and reputation as a company is a long process, which requires patience. Due to this reason we do our job consistenly and honestly placing a priority on customer satisfaction as much as possible.

We create valuable ideas and wonderful projects in the environment of trust in cooperation with chosen engineers, project developers, architects, designers, technicians, experiensed craftsmen and all our suppliers, which provide us services both inside and outside the company. Because union is strength.

We believe that any accident can be prevented. Our primary precaution is correct planning, constant attention and qualification and our workers’ health and safety.

Quality is hidden in details. We integrate long-term and durability-based standards into our projects through accurate planning and strict quality control.

Innovations make us strong and up-to-date. We follow new technologies and developing construction trends. We never fail to use the necessary technologies at every stage of our projects.


To open the projects developed by Burak Kan Constructions for foreign investments and to carry on construction activities beyond Alanya throughout the country taking up tenders and contract works


To become a well-known and reputable construction company trademark, leading in the construction sector of Alanya and surroundings, without sacrificing its goal and values.

  • Integrity
  • Perfection
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Participation
  • Individuality
Who is Burak Kan

İbrahim Burak KAN received primary and secondary education in Alanya, whereafter graduated from the Istanbul Bilgi University Business and Economics Departments with a double diploma.

After university he studied German in Goethe-Institute in Berlin, Germany. Besides, İbrahim Burak KAN has an advanced level of English.

Upon completing his education he ran a petrol-filling station for 10 years, which was his family business, and thereafter established Kan Construction Business. Married and has got two children.

İbrahim Burak Kan loves his construction job, which is also the profession of his father, and he considers each project as a part of him.


Contact us

Contact us

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Address Details

For more information about our company, details of our projects or if you wish to have a closer look at our services,  call us or visit our office for a cup of tea of coffee.

Şekerhane Mah. Eczacılar Cad. Burak Apt. Kat: 1 No: 18 07400 Alanya / Antalya

E-Mail / Telephone
[email protected]
+90 532 452 27 34

Working Hours
Mon – Thu: 08:00 – 19:00
Fri: 08:00 – 19:00
Sun: 08:00 – 19:00